UN Resolution on HR

UN Resolution on HR

The resolution A/HRC/51/L.25, “The human rights implications of new and emerging technologies in the military domain”, was submitted by Panama, Austria – was ADOPTED without a vote.

It was agreed by consensus, meaning all 47 members of the Human Right Council agreed to the resolution after amendments were made, as Ousman Noor, from Stop Killer Robots reports. It is of great importance that the discussions under the UN Human Rights Council include the agenda, despite the absence of progress in the CCW (Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons) review agenda. The document includes the following:

(…) the use of new and emerging technologies in the military domain, some of which rely on inter alia data sets, algorithms-based programming and machine learning processes, may, in certain circumstances, cause, contribute to or facilitate the commission of human rights violations and abuses (…).

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