Global Security


Interagency platforms, policies, and initiatives are dependent on information exchange. This project is dedicated to various communication and information between agents, observing trust-building and information-sharing efficiency. The security dimension has the exchange of information, both for the regulatory aspect and the efficiency of exchanges.


Ana Beatriz Duarte – Artificial Intelligence

Sabrina Medeiros – Maritime Security; Artificial Intelligence

Associate researchers:

Ana Luiza Bravo – Lobbies in Defense

Carolina Ambinder – International Cooperation (in Defence)

Cintiene Mendes – Intelligence & Interagency

Daniele Dionísio – Ocean Governance

Danielle Ayres – Cyber Security, Cyber Defence & Mediation of Conflicts

Larlecianne Piccoli – Nuclear Weapons & Autonomous Weapons

Verônica Moreira – Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling

Research affiliates:

Allan Antunes – International Cooperation

Carlos Filipe Costa – Cyber Security

Diogo Amaral – Maritime Security

Luís C. Farias – Artificial Intelligence

Victor Gaspar Filho – Critical Minerals


UNODC – TOC + Cooperation

Paris Call – Global South representation

Stop Killer Robots – CCW Convention

UN Futures Forum