Local Development


Ana Paula Rodriguez – Migrations

Luzia Costa Becker – 17o ODS – 2030 Agenda (Implementation and Evaluation)

Associate researchers:

Juliana Martins – Immaterial Culture (Heritage, Smart Cities, Human Rights and War Zones)

Lygia Hryniewicz – Educational Inequalities & Social Inequalities

Silvana Schimanski – Trade Policy and Development, ODS Agenda & International Trade

Research affiliates:

Ana Clara Simões

Beatriz Costa

Joyce Souza

The Local Development line of research addresses the sustainability and regenerative capacity of territories, combined with the use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence. Its objective is to acknowledge the peculiarities of cities, analyse the resilience of places based on the preservation of historical-cultural and natural heritage, considering the impact of public policies and territorial development strategies, including the integration of migrants. In this sense, it seeks to promote cooperation arrangements between municipalities with common interests so that development integrates the different territories in order to establish even cross-border agreements.

The production of the results of the studies developed and the participation in events involve dialogues between the Institute, the academic community and stakeholders in the promotion of actions and policies aimed at promoting sustainable cities with a focus on the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda.