UNTOC Review Mechanism

UNTOC Review Mechanism

Civil Society engagement has been a priority in the ongoing review mechanism of the UNTOC (Convention Against Transnational Organized Crime) under the UNODC. The InterAgency Institute is part of the WhatsOn initiative and the SE4U.

This COP 11 side event on “Partnership for UNTOC implementation – two-year assessment of Stakeholder Engagement in the review Process” showed the main milestones of UNODC’s work in engaging governments and non-governmental stakeholders in the UNTOC review process, including national dialogues on the same.

For a better understanding of the UNTOC review mechanism, we recommend reading the article: Rose, C. The Creation of a Review Mechanism for the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and Its Protocols’(2020). American Journal of International Law114, 1-51.

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