UN Futures Forum – Peace and Security

UN Futures Forum – Peace and Security

The UN Futures Forum covers Civil Society participation in advocating for the UN governance reform for the benefit of a more effective and efficient organisation on behalf of human beings. The Coalition for the UN We Need (C4UN) is facilitating civil society input into the UN Summit and its preparatory process and for the New Agenda for Peace. 

The InterAgency Institute participates in the Global Futures Forum and Peoples Pact for the Future through the Peace and Security agenda, one of the seven themes selected to conduct discussions and built upon proposals of review.

The proposals presented were listed, and the InterAgency Institute decided to support those:

a) Preventing war, including nuclear war. Strengthening international mechanisms for the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

b) Transferring veto-blocked Security Council items to UNGA and use of UN Charter Article 99.

c) Elect the (Security) Council initiative.

d) United Nations Emergency Peace Service.

e) “No Killer Robots!” Negotiation and adoption of a Treaty on Autonomous Weapons Systems.

Together with the proposals, we get to know better about the work of the initiatives behind the proposals, such as:

  1. Elect the Council – led by ISS Africa, and that advocates for an Elected Security Council.
  2. Nonviolence International – which is also dedicated to the regulation of Lethal Weapons Autonomous Systems.

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