Ocean Governance Workshop

Ocean Governance Workshop

Representing the InterAgency Institute (IA) and a research project that integrates a group of IA researchers, Dr Danielle Dionisio, MSc Carolina Ambinder, and Dr Sabrina Medeiros were part of three sessions of the workshop on Ocean Governance organized by the University of St Andrews and Leiden University. The 3rd and last round of the Oceans Governance workshop was on November 28th, 2023, in London. Thanks to Dr Catherine Jones and Dr Vanessa Newby for leading such an important initiative. The chapter built by the IA authors will be part of a book to be published soon!

The #OceansGovernanceWorkshop on its third session happened in London, at the Royal Navy HMS President, last Monday, the 28th. The project, which was coordinated by Dr Catherine Jones and Dr Vanessa Newby with the support of a network grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh, St Andrews University, and the University of Leiden, gathered researchers into a collective endeavour and has resulted in two edited collections which are currently in production. 
It took the whole year of 2022, with different views from various parts of the world, which led to a broader view of the aspects that conditions the governance of the seas.
We want to thank Catherine Jones, Vanessa Newby, Robert McCabe, James A. Malcolm, Elena Perez, Lisa Otto, Danai J Tembo, Clare Fieseler, Garren Mulloy, Aaron Magunna, Muge Kinacioglu, Pavlina Miteva, Mélodie Ruwet, for the invitation. We look forward to the next opportunity for collaboration.

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