The InterAgency Institute is dedicated to public-private and public-public engagements to promote social impact, especially in education. We are also dedicated to a digital platform development focused on peoples' interaction in the benefit of policy building and enhancement (AJAPT).  

Social impact is understood here as ways to enhance cooperation in various levels, fundamentally for the enhancement of the culture of conflict resolution in basic and secondary educational institutions. So, working in the benefit of social integration of immigrants, at one side, or promoting simulations to build inside schools the culture of peace, are under our objectives. 

After offering to public schools simulations on democratic values and the culture of peace with FAPERJ funding, we began to work on career development and professional acknowledgment within the secondary school youth.


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e.g. career development and information accessibility in public schools


Our actual efforts include:

1) Model United Nations simulations and spreading the Culture of Peace and Controversies Resolution in Schools.

  • Instituto Nacional de Defesa, Portugal. Collaboration to build School Manuals to create Simulations dedicated to National Defense, EU and Peace Culture. 

2) Advocacy within European Union Institutions about #Innovative Methods and #Digilitalization of #Education.