Information Security and Transferring: Cybersecurity and Cyber-defence; OSINT Intelligence

Interagency platforms, policies, and initiatives are dependent on information exchange.

The informational component seems to be an imperative that simultaneously affects markets and national security systems, in synchronized and interdependent proportions.

Thus, in addition to institutions and their representatives, it is necessary to think about the links and transaction costs that involve both associated risks and possible solutions to complex problems.

A relevant analytical element is the use of Open Source Intelligence for the purpose of studying trends, searching for risks, or observing good practices related to information management and resilience.

This section, therefore, is dedicated to the various forms of communication and information, from intelligence to the formal or informal mechanisms of communication between agents.

The areas of cybersecurity and cyber-defense have in their nature the exchange of information, both for the regulatory aspect and for the efficiency of exchanges from more or less secure systems.