As a group of researchers dedicated to cooperation enhancement, throughout the last 10 years, we have developed a method focused on the Performance Analysis of the actors' behaviors (PAM) to be used during simulations especially built as to experiment interaction, policy building, and conflict resolution. The method is part of a research project built based on the Model United Nations rules and dynamics, to permit conjecture, scenarios, and actors performance analysis according to the objectives proposed. The development of the method was made under the Laboratory of Simulations and Scenarios (LSC-EGN), which is still our partner as the researchers and former founders are part of the LSC team of collaborators. 

In the benefit of strengthening cooperation within states and non-state institutions, in both international cooperation and domestic frameworks agencies are responsible for changes in the system. So, how governance schemes are structured and applied by agents is the main cause of failure or success in cooperation demands. As so, mediation processes are also part of institutional efforts to formalize trust and long-term agreements.

As an applied tool, our method/software is in its 5th edition and linked to the InterAgency Institute. With the tool, both in-place and virtual interactions can be modeled. The AJAPT - Agent Joint Assessment Planning Tool -, is based on our desire to provoke institutional adaptation constantly.

The authors:

Sabrina Medeiros, PhD in Political Science
Cintiene Mendes, PhD in Comparative History
Ana Luiza Bravo, PhD in Comparative History




Published works on the project:

Medeiros , S. ., Mendes , C. S. M. ., & Bravo e Paiva , A. L. . (2021). Learning Process for Collective Decision-Making in Defense and Security: Inter-Agency Policy Building. Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, 21(4).

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Medeiros , S. ., Mendes , C. S. M. ., & Bravo e Paiva , A. L. . Policy Diffusion by means of Defense and Security Simulations and the uses of agent-based modelling. Revista da Escola de Guerra Naval, [S.l.], v. 26, n. 1, jul. 2020. ISSN e-2359-3075. Available at: <>.

A piece of the results given can be shown in the diagram below:




If you want us to evaluate the possibility of applying the method and tool in your institution, please, be in touch!