As a group of researchers dedicated to cooperation assets we have developed throughout the last 10 years a method focused on the Performance Analysis of the actors' behaviours (PEM) to be used during simulations especially built as to experiment interaction, policy building and compliance. The method, already published, is part of a research development which initiated using the Model United Nation rules and dynamics as to permit conjecture and actors performance enhancement according to the objectives proposed. 

The last years, due to many events and demands for strengthening cooperation inside and within states institutions, we realized that, even in international cooperation, we are always dealing with agencies. So, how governance schemes are structured and applied is the main cause of failure or success in cooperation demands. 

As a scientific and applied tool, our method and software in its 4th phase and embedded to the InterAgecy Institute site, so we can have present or virtual interactions modelled. We call it AJAPT - Agent Joint Assessment Planning Tool, which is connected to our desire to provoke institutional adaptation constantly. 

A piece of the results given can be shown in the diagram below:




If you want us to evaluate the possibility of applying the method and tool in your institution, please, be in touch!