The InterAgency Institute was established in October 2020 focused on the evolvement of frameworks, policies, and tools to strengthen institutional engagements within the European Union and beyond. Giving support to different actors, the InterAgency Institute (IA) is dedicated to promoting cooperation, to provoking institutional progress, to simulating and reporting gaps. It is also part of its objectives to offering possible solutions to problems that affect regime building and trust in between institutions, fundamentally, in the humanitarian, security, and defence arenas. 

The approach is concentrated in some specific dimensions, such as information transferring, decision-making process building, policy building, and operational frameworks. We are here to investigate, propose, train, and modulate knowledge for the benefit of sustainable and responsible security, innovation arena, maritime economy, clusters. 

So, we invite you to partner with us and track our work on LinkedIn and Twitter, promoting a dynamic interaction with our audience. Our working languages are English, Portuguese, and Spanish.